Police Mutual Foundation

How we make a difference

As we don't have any shareholders, we’re run for the benefit of our members and we’re committed to using our financial strength to make a real difference.

This is brought to life through the Police Mutual Foundation which supports the welfare of Police Officers, Staff and their families at a time of increasing risk to their health and wealth.

The impact of financial stress goes beyond the individual and can affect the performance of Police Officers and Staff in their demanding jobs.  Our deep understanding of the people we serve means we can offer insight and support to the Police Service along with practical welfare initiatives where they are needed most.

Every year we support thousands of members of the Police family with practical and targeted help.  Whether it’s through thousands of free health screenings or online health and wellbeing tools, or through respite breaks helping them to get back on their feet or a wide range of welfare projects and initiatives.  We were even there behind the scenes supporting the welfare of Officers the Olympics and NATO.

We really are an orgnisation that's wired to care and want to make a better future for those who protect us today.

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We also have the Force Mutual Military Foundation - click here to see how we support military lives

In the first six months of 2015 the Foundation: presented 330 financial education and pre-retirement courses across the country, helping more than 7,000 officers and staff make sense of their finances; given 1,400 free health screenings to forces across the UK; organised 140 respite breaks for families in need of support; and launched research into protecting the mental health of Police employees.