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Survival tips for the assessment process

TimRemember we don’t expect you to exceed on every task, because we’ll review all activities together.

Know the assessment criteria and company

Make sure that you have done your research not only on the role that you are applying for but also about the company. Call the recruitment team who will be able to give you details of the assessment criteria and processes..

Be authentic!

We really want to get to know the real you and understand how you’ll fit with our team.  If you’re not showing the real you or you’re trying to role play then that will come across.  We know you’re not perfect and neither are we. We just want to understand how we can best work together with you and make sure we’re all making the best decision, including you.

Be open minded and enthusiastic. Make sure that you approach all tasks with an open mind. We are looking for people to join us that are prepared to work hard, continually self-invest and who are motivated to do the best for our members so bear this in mind and remember any fellow candidates are in the same situation as you are so stay positive and smile.

Sell yourself

Do not be shy about your achievements and experience, however keep these specific to the role that you are applying for.

Be yourself and enjoy yourself!

Although it is hard to relax in situations where you know that you are being observed it is important that you try and show who you are and manage the impression that you are making to the assessors. Let your personality shine and please try and enjoy the day!

We simply want to get the best from you and although there is far more involved in an assessment centre than a standard interview if you are prepared and being yourself you are far more likely to actually enjoy the experience.

Assessment Centres

So what’s an Assessment Centre?

Sounds complicated doesn’t it, but really it’s the combination of a series of assessment and selection tools used together to give us a number of opportunities to collect information about your skills, competencies and suitability.  As a predictor of successful appointments they are significantly better than an interview alone, so companies use them to increase their odds of making the right decision.

What do they include?

Our Assessment centres generally run over the course of a day and are held with a group of candidates (including you, obviously).  During the day we’ll give you an opportunity to show us how you would tackle work activities and fit in with us.

Usually the Assessment Centre will include some or all of the following:

Competency based interview: This type of interview focusses on questions designed to test out specific skills and how you apply them.  They are questions that usually ask you to explain a time and an example of how you have demonstrated a skill that we are looking for.  For example….”please tell me about a time when you have had to be creative in motivating a team”

Presentation: We may ask for a presentation to be prepared in advance If this is the case we will aim to advise of this at the first stages of recruitment process and always provide you with the subject in advance so that you have ample time to prepare.

Role play: This could be anything from handling an unhappy member to managing a certain situation or problem with a colleague or member of your team. We will look for you to draw on personal experiences and demonstrate confidence in problem solving

Staff MeetingGroup exercises and discussions: We use Group discussions to look at your communication skills and how you work within a team. There are various types of group activities that we may use including: discussing a topic;  having a specific problem to solve and demonstrating your communication skills. You’ll need to show you have ideas and a contribution to make, but do so in a calm and considerate manner and remember you can demonstrate leadership skills in other ways such as keeping everyone on topic or ensuring the task is completed on time.

Psychometrics: Personality and aptitude tests.  By using these tests we’ll either be trying to understand your personality type and preferences better or testing out a specific skill.  For some roles within Police Mutual it may be necessary for us understand your numeracy and accuracy skills as we work with member data on a daily basis.  Make sure that you are clear on the task you have been asked to complete, read through all instructions thoroughly and keep an eye on the time – when you have finished check and check again.