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Need help writing your CV?

 Man With LaptopFor most roles that you to apply for, whether within Police Mutual Group or another company, at some point you’ll be asked for a CV.  It’s generally the first thing that a company will see of you so making a great impression is key.

Your CV should capture attention, maintain the interest of the reader and clearly show how your skill matches the role that you are applying for.  

Sometimes you may need more than one CV because tailoring it to a specific application is really important but however many you have, always make sure that your CV is a true representation of you.

If you’re working with a recruitment agency and they want to make changes to your CV, always make sure that you see what they’ve written so there are no surprises if you get to interview stage.

Some helpful tips. . .

Although there is no official format, or way to present your CV you may find some of our tips helpful:

  • Make sure that the layout of the CV is easy to read and if you make any amendments you ensure that the layout is formatted and correct.  Nothing says sloppy more than spelling mistakes, mixed fonts and poor formatting!
  • Make sure you tailor your skills and experience to match the job you're applying for
  • Keep it concise. Short sentences and bullet points make more impact
  • List your key skills and achievements; it’s important to explain what you do, but more important to quantify the impact of what you’ve done…
  • Everything on your CV should be honest and factual
  • Focus on the positive
  • It should be no more than a couple of pages long
  • Check for errors and spelling mistakes. And then check it again!
  • Make it keyword friendly – recruiters often use search engines to pick up CV’s with particular words – search on line to see what commonly used words are in the job adverts that may be your next career move

Some pitfalls. . .

  • Adding your Date of Birth: it’s not important to us – but some companies still have a keen interest in your age
  • Don’t make it too long: sometimes recruiters have literally 100’s of CV’s to get through – make it easy on them
  • Keep it honest: if you get to interview and can’t explain something on your CV, it’s a credibility killer.
  • Check out your e-mail address: if it’s a funny or "cutesy" one it, might give the wrong impression. Trust me, we’ll notice if we’re getting a CV from!!!!

The layout of your CV. . .

Formatting: Keep it simple, keep it clear and keep it keep it concise

Language: Spelling and grammar are often overlooked on CVs so take your time and get someone else to read it for you. Avoid using abbreviations and always use the same tense 

Personal details: List your full address, contact numbers and email address

Profile: This is your chance to grab our attention. A strong statement will make us want to keep on reading and could set you aside from other applicants. Use positive language and make sure you use this space to really sell yourself

Skills and Achievements: Tailor these to meet the requirements of the role you are applying for (always be honest) and provide some brief context

Employment History: List in date order with your most recent/ current role first, this is the one most likely to be looked at in more detail. If you have progressed within a business, summarise older roles and always place emphasis on key achievements rather than responsibilities. And remember, if there are gaps – explain why

Educational/ Professional Qualifications and Training: Include an overview of your educational and professional qualifications, don't worry about going into too much detail, however list qualifications gained and grades achieved

Interests: This is a 'nice to include' section, if you have the space. Use it as an opportunity to showcase your personality and if you can, try and tie it in with the skills requested for the job. If you don't have any interesting pastimes or anything relevant to add, it may be best to leave it out